Spending Monero

Want a service/store listed? Send an e-mail to info (at) swedishmonero.com

Below is a list of stores and services accepting monero. Unless otherwise stated, physical products are shipped within the whole of Europe. Further down, a list of stores and services accepting bitcoin is listed, which can be used in combination with xmr.to to spend monero.

Precious metals

Bitgild.com sells gold and silver.

Furniture, jewelry, watches, and much more

Overstock.com sells a very wide range of products.


Word of Ink is a Swedish  publishing company accepting Monero for their books. Monero payment is arranged by contacting them via e-mail.

Privacy centric laptops

Puri.sm is a computer manufacturer which, in its own words, “values freedom, privacy, and security”.

Portable VPN routers

InvizBox.com sells InvizBox Go, “a discreet, portable VPN router that allows you to secure all your Internet traffic when using WiFi. It works everywhere to secure your browsing privacy and security. You can use it at home, abroad or on public WiFi anywhere in the world.” Paying in monero gives discount.

Stickers, posters, postcards, and more

Moneromixer.org sells stickers, posters, postcards, and more.



Marionette Puppets

companyofmarionettes.com sells marionette puppets.

Spending monero where bitcoin is accepted

The site xmr.to is highly recommended. It lets you spend monero on sites where bitcoin is accepted by acting as a middle-man: when you get the address to send bitcoin to you simple send this address to xmr.to with the amount of bitcoin you want to send. You will then receive an address to send monero to and the required amount. At amounts up to 0.1 bitcoin, xmr.to sends the funds instantly.

Accepts bitcoin only

The following sites accepts bitcoin only. Use them in combination with xmr.to to spend monero.

Computers, phones, games, electronics in general

webhallen.com delivers products inside Sweden.

Luxury watches


Registering domain names

Namecheap.com lets you register domain names.

Hardware wallets

Ledger is developing software for their hardware wallets to enable the use of Monero.

E-mail clients

ProtonMail.com offers secure end-to-end encrypted e-mail service. An additional step of encryption of your mailbox is performed to make your e-mails unaccessible to the provider itself, in the case of security breaches or court orders. They offer free alternatives and paid ones which accepts bitcoin.