Good Practices

  • Keep a backup of you mnemonic seed, written on paper, on more than one secure location. DO NOT STORE IT DIGITALLY AND UNENCRYPTED.
  • Don’t use exchangers as web wallets.
  • Use Two-factor Authentication, preferably not with SMS.
  • Before using any kind of service or software, DO YOUR RESEARCH. People are frequently getting scammed in ways that would have easily been avoided if they had just done a quick search on the web.
  • Do not store your mnemonic seeds unencrypted on electronic devices connected to the internet.
  • To save money when sending moneroj, set Transaction priority to Low. It cuts the fees by a fourth and is usually confirmed at the same speed of a normal transaction (unless the network is experiencing a sudden increase in usage).
  • To increase anonymity, churn by sending to the same wallet that you’re sending from.

Good sources of information:,,